The Verismo Team

From Kymriah™ to SynKIR™

Verismo was founded by the inventors of Kymriah™, the first-ever FDA-approved CAR-T cell therapy. This same team saw an opportunity to overcome the limitations found in first-generation CAR-T therapies through the use of killer immunoglobulin-like (KIR) receptors in a multi-chain KIR-CAR platform.


Bryan Kim, DMD | Co-Founder and CEO/President
Laura A Johnson, PhD | Chief Scientific Officer
Gene Kim, MBA | Chief Financial Officer
Mala Talekar, MBBS, DNB, DABP | Vice President of Medical Development
Andrea Campanile, MS | Vice President of Clinical Operations
Jun Xu, PhD | Senior Director of Translational Science
Jacqueline Stief | Head of Quality and Compliance
Pavel Aprelev, PhD | Director of Corporate Development
Raymond Luke | Director of MSAT

Founding Scientists

Michael C. Milone, MD, PhD
Donald Siegel, MD, PhD

Founding Advisor

Carl June, MD


Steven M. Albelda, M.D