Defining the next generation
of CAR T-cell therapy

Verismo Therapeutics is pioneering CAR T-cell therapy for the treatment of solid tumors. This paradigm-shifting technology features a unique KIR-CAR construct that has been proven to reduce T-cell exhaustion and kill solid tumor models in in vivo studies.

The paradigm shift in CAR T-cell therapy

Verismo’s paradigm-shifting generation 2.0 KIR-CAR platform:

  • Features multi-chain immunoreceptor design
  • Enables T-cells to remain effective long-term
  • Excels in challenging solid tumor micro-environments

Prior 1.X CAR T-cell therapies:

  • Utilize the traditional single-chain CAR construct
  • Fail to eliminate solid tumors
  • Exhausts T-cells through constant single-chain stimulation

The first KIR-CAR platform
proven to be effective on
solid tumors

Verismo is pioneering the further development of novel chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) to more realistically reflect the design of killer immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs), creating SynKIR™.

Based on NK cell receptors, KIR-CAR naturally overcomes T-cell exhaustion.

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The experts behind SynKIR

Verismo was founded by the inventors of Kymriah™. This team saw an opportunity to overcome the limitations found in the first-generation CAR T-cell therapies, through the use of a KIR-CAR platform.

A history of pioneering & proven technology